This service helps children and their families to make long term, sustainable lifestyle changes to lose (or maintain) weight and consequently improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The team works alongside the school nursing service and consists of a Registered Nutritionist, a Community Nurse and a Healthy Weight Practitioner. 

The Brent Healthy Weight team deliver a series of virtual healthy lifestyle programmes to groups of children and their parents/carers in aim of increasing awareness around what it takes to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This free online programme is delivered by a data protected virtual platform called Bluejeans.

In this programme, the families will have an opportunity to learn about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle through interactive informal discussions around healthy eating and physical activity.

This ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ programme runs for 6 weeks in total and covers a range of topics including; The Eatwell Guide, portion control, reading food labels, snacking and oral health.  

Each child and parent/carer will be provided with 2-3 private additional 1-1 appointments with their healthy weight practitioner. These appointments will include an Initial appointment, a follow up appointment and a final appointment.

Please note, the online programme no longer offers free physical activity sessions. However, as well as discussing the importance of physical activity within the sessions we can send our participants to free physical activity sessions hosted by Fun Fit Families (managed by the Young Brent Foundation and funded by Sport England). Fun Fit Families encourage families to become more active together and can provide ideas and support to families to help them gain all of the health benefits involved with regular physical activity.

More info can be found at

Children must be accompanied by a parent/carer for every session. Failure to accompany a child will result in being discharged from the programme.

For more information, please email the Health4Life team on

To refer to the Brent Healthy Weight Team, please contact your school nurse or alternatively you can contact the team via their generic email:

Parental consent to the referral is required. 

Children between 5-11 years old who are over the healthy weight range (Body Mass Index > 91st centile) and meet the referral criteria.

Children living and attending school in the borough of Brent.

Registration with a West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) GP.

Adults and children under the age of 5.

Children with co-morbidities or complex needs to be referred to the specialist weight management service / CLCH Dietetic service.

Children who are currently receiving support from a dietitian or other weight management intervention.

Not registered with a West London CCG GP.

This service is currently only available online until further notice.

Service opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm