Hounslow referrals

This page provides links to all the existing referral forms for Hounslow community services.

Referrers can contact the adult services Single Point of Access (SPA) team between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Call 020 8102 5520 for the specialist services below:

All referrals in Hounslow need to be sent to Hounslow Referral Facilitation Service (RFS) hounslow.rfs@nhs.net.

Making a Referral

Electronic referrals via SystmOne

The preferred method of referral into SPA is an electronic referral via SystmOne. We currently accept electronic referrals for the following services:

  • Diabetes

Email and efax referrals

The following adult services currently accept referrals via email and efax:

  • Diabetes
  1. Identify the service to which you would like to refer
  2. Download the appropriate referral form from lists below
  3. Send the referral form to the SPA team by

Referral forms

Adult nursing

Service Referral


Call SPA on: 020 8102 5520 or send the referral form to: hounslow.rfs@nhs.net.

Hounslow community diabetes service- diabetes intermediate care management and education referral form:

2017 05 17 Diabetes Intermediate Care Service

Hounslow community diabetes service- diabetes foot protection service (diabetes community podiatry) referral form:

HCDS Referral Form PODIATRY (PDF form)

Adult therapies

Service Referral

Continuing healthcare assessment (young physical disabilities - people aged 18-65)

Call the team on: 0208 102 5876
eFax: 0300 008 3212
Email: clcht.referrals.continuingcare@nhs.net

Continuing care services tri-borough and Hounslow YPD.doc

Children's and family services

Service Referral


School nursing

See service page for further information.