International Nurses – OSCE Preparation training programme

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Like many NHS Trusts we have a mature international recruitment programme. CLCH have developed and refined an OSCE preparation programme that we deliver to our international nurses on arrival as well as to overseas nurses from external NHS organisations.

The OSCE preparation training programme is led and supported by a team of experienced and dedicated trainers. With a 100% pass the programme facilitates the alignment of the international nurses skills to the Test of Competence handbook and the NMC blue prints.

If you would like further information on the OSCE Preparation training programme or would like to enrol your overseas nurses please contact the Academy team

Preparation for NMC OSCE for overseas nurses FLYER



See below this endorsement from a previous attendee of the training programme:

Good day! I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to all of you. I'm so honored to have been taught and trained at the CLCH Academy. 

I would like to commend my trainers who tirelessly taught and assisted me in my entire OSCE journey. Please accept my million thanks and admiration to Zoe, Emjee, Katherine and Mary for sharing their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. You are remarkable and the professionalism you show, all the time during our trainings is truly unparallel. Indeed, all of you deserve the highest appreciation.

I would also like to mention the patience and the warm welcome of the receptionist every time, during my entire Academy OSCE training.

I pray to our good Lord that you continue to help all our fellow Nurses reach and finish their OSCE's triumphant and victorious just as I am. Snappy salute to each one of you. God bless us all and stay safe!

 - Denise Yadao, Staff Nurse, St. Pancras Hospital, CNWL NHS Foundation


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