Harrow referrals

This page provides information to Harrow GPs on referring to adult community services:

Referrers can contact the adult services single point of access (SPA) team on: 0300 555 8889

District nursing and tissue viability

Phone: 0300 555 8889
Email: clcht.HarrowDistrictNurses@nhs.net 
eFax: 0300 008 3198   

Phone lines are open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 4pm Saturdays including Bank Holidays. 

Rapid response 

Phone: 0300 555 8889

Phone lines are open 8am to 8.30pm, seven days a week, with the last referral at 6pm.  

Other services

Phone lines are open: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday for the following services:

Short-term rehab, respiratory, musculoskeletal and epilepsy nurse

Email: clcht.STRharrow@nhs.net  / clcht.Harrowepilepsyservice@nhs.net  
eFax: 0300 008 3196


Email: clcht.podiatryharrow@nhs.net 
eFax: 0300 008 3104  


Diagnostics referrals:  clcht.CHD-HCS@nhs.net 
Nurses referrals:  clcht.EHcardiologynurses@nhs.net 
eFax: 0300 008 3184 


Email: clcht.diabetesharrow@nhs.net 
eFax: 0300 008 3178