The specialist palliative care team provides expert advice and support to enable those in our catchment area with advanced progressive illness to achieve the best possible quality of life. We also support those who care for them.

This involves managing symptoms and offering support with social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.

We work in partnership with and advise your GP and district nurses, and liaise closely with oncologists, other hospital specialists and/or any other professionals involved.

We do not take over your direct care, and your GP  will continue to have overall responsibility for your care whilst in the community.

On receipt of a referral, one of our team will contact you to discuss your needs  and arrange to visit if appropriate.

Our service is designed to assist with:

  • controlling any symptoms you are experiencing, if they occur. Managing physical, emotional and psychological problems and other symptoms that may accompany your illness or the side effects of treatment. 
  • supporting you and your family and carers with any worries or concerns that you may have about the future or your illness and the effects and impact this may have on you.
  • assisting you with planning for the future, to help ensure your wishes regarding your care are met.   
  • providing you with information regarding your illness, treatments, financial help and on-going support. 
  • helping you plan and anticipate what care you will need in the future, including end of life care.