Patients and the public are at the centre of our organisation.

To ensure we meet patient needs, we actively seek feedback and respond to it by changing the way we work. This approach is also used when dealing with individual patients. Our treatment is always based on their unique case and patients are treated with dignity, kindness, compassion, courtesy, respect, understanding and honesty.

No decision about me, without me

Patients are treated as an active partner. We concentrate on clear communication so patients understand the situation and are given space and time to ask questions or raise any concerns they have. Options regarding treatment are given and we always focus on and discuss the preferences of patients.

Shared decision making

Shared decision making ensures patients give consent for their treatment and enables them to make fully informed decisions about their care.

The result of this is that patients are more involved in their treatment and able to better manage their health.

How do we monitor this?

Each service area of our organisation completes a yearly quality report and contributes to our Quality Strategy where they review and report on these ways of working.

They are also viewed as an ethical imperative by regulatory bodies.