Cost of living

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The UK is currently in the middle of an economic crisis, which is negatively impacting patients and local communities. The rising cost-of-living poses potential ongoing risks to patients and local communities in maintaining their health and accessing healthcare services. CLCH are committed to supporting staff, patients and working with system partners to help keep them healthy and well at home

Local Resources

CLCH provides community healthcare services across London and Hertfordshire.

To support patients and communities who may be feeling the financial pressures of the cost-of-living crisis and price rises, there are a number of local organisations providing resources and guidance on the financial support available to you.


Cost of Living Payments

You may be entitled to get a payment to help with the cost of living, if you’re getting certain benefits of tax credits. You don’t need to apply, if you’re eligible payments will be made automatically. To find out more visit

You can also access advice and support from Citizens Advice:

We have provided links to some organisations offering support to people in each of our boroughs and Hertfordshire. Please click the link to your local area for more detail:

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