Improving quality

To ensure that the services we deliver not only meet the needs of those we support, but are of the highest standards, we must continually measure, challenge and improve the quality of what we deliver.

It is important that we are accountable to the patients and communities that we serve, and the results of our progress against key areas for improvement are reviewed and published.

Quality Strategy 2017-2020

Our updated Quality Strategy, 'Simply the Best, Every Time' is now available. The strategy, launched in January 2017, describes how we will be keeping the original three quality strategy campaigns: positive patient experience, preventing harm and smart effective care as well as adding three new campaigns namely: 'Modelling the Way'; 'Here, Happy, Heard and Healthy'; and 'Value Added Care'.

The strategy can be found here.

Quality Account 2018/19

A Quality Account is an annual report that providers of NHS healthcare services must publish to inform the public of the quality of the services they provide.

Our Quality Account for 2018/19 is available to read here.