We have two different modern bedded rehabilitation units: Athlone House and Alexandra.

Our rehabilitation facilities aim to provide excellent care to help maximise your independence following illness or injury and get you back on the road to recovery.

Our Athlone House Rehabilitation Unit looks after patients who require general rehabilitation. 

The unit consists of 22 beds split over two floors with lift to access to each floor.

The Alexandra Rehabilitation Unit consists of 11 general rehabilitation beds, all of which are on the same floor.

When staying with us you will have a single occupancy room with en-suite bathroom and shower facilities. Units also have a communal patient area where you can access a television.

Alexandra Rehabilitation Unit is a bedded rehabilitation unit within the Princess Louise Nursing Home in Kensington. It helps patients improve their strength, achieve greater independence and gain the confidence to return home.

To find out more about this unit and what a stay may involve for you or your relative/friend take a look at our leaflet.

Athlone Rehabilitation Unit is a bedded rehabilitation unit that help patients improve their strength, achieve greater independence and the gain the confidence to return home.

To find out more about this unit and what a stay may involve for you or your relative/friend take a look at our leaflet.

Our rehabilitation team consists of a mix of professionals and support staff, including:

  • Physiotherapists work with patients to maximize their strength, endurance and mobility.
  • Occupational therapists promote patients independence and health and well-being through participation in functional activities and task specific training.
  • Speech and language therapists help patients who have communication or swallowing problems.
  • Social workers liaise closely with patients and the wider rehabilitation team to ensure your return home is supported.
  • Nursing staff are available 24 hours. Each patient is allocated a named nurse who is responsible for ensuring their nursing and care needs are met.
  • Medical cover is provided by a specialist rehabilitation doctor. Each patients GP is informed of your admission and will receive a summary of their rehabilitation stay on discharge.
  • Rehabilitation assistants work with patients individually and in group sessions to carrying out tasks and exercises identified by the therapy team. They will also provide assistance with personal care laundry and meals as required.
  • Specialist dietitians provide nutritional advice and support.
  • Podiatrists will screen and treat foot problems.

We work with our patients to identify individual rehabilitation goals to achieve during their stay with us.

The length of time patients stay varies according to their individual goals, and a typical stay could be anything between one to four weeks.

Goal setting

An important part of rehabilitation is setting treatment goals. Goals are essentially what tasks or things you would like to achieve or improve upon. This is to ensure that we all understand what you want and need to achieve during your stay with us. We work together with you to update your goals weekly and we encourage you to share these with your friends and family so that they can see what you are working on.

Planning to go home

'Discharge planning' starts on your first day in one of our units and is an important consideration when setting your goals. Prior to leaving the unit the team will meet with you to review your progress and discuss what needs to be organised and by when. This may include equipment or other health or social care services.


You will need a weeks' worth of comfortable clothing and practical shoes during your stay.

Patient experience

We really value your comments, feedback and suggestions on how we can continuously improve our service. When you leave one of our units we will ask you to complete a short confidential survey in order for us to capture your unique experience.

Each week our patients are given a rehabilitation programme that outlines the different rehabilitation sessions planned to help them meet their goals. Your rehabilitation programme will be incorporated into your 24 hour care plan.

The type, intensity and frequency of rehabilitation are tailored to each individual, dependent on their rehabilitation goals and needs.

Visiting hours at our units are between 8:30am and 8:30pm daily.

Visitors should note that patients will be involved in rehabilitation activities throughout the day, and visiting will need to work around these activities.

Please note the unit operates a protected meal time’s policy:

  • Breakfast is 8:30am to 9:30am
  • Lunch is 12:30pm to 1:30pm
  • Dinner is 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Smoking or drinking alcohol is not permitted anywhere in the building.

Smoking/alcohol cessation advice and support is available from the team.


Athlone House Rehabilitation Unit

  • Address: Athlone House, 7a Woodfield Road, London, W9 2BA
  • Phone: 020 7266 6723

Alexandra House Rehabilitation Unit

  • Address: Princess Louise Kensington (PLK) Nursing Home, Pangbourne Avenue, London, W10 6DL
  • Phone: 020 8102 4770