Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

We help our patients to understand their condition, prevent recurrences and learn how to actively manage it
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Advice on managing bone, joint or muscle pain

There are many things you can do to self-manage your condition or your own bone, joint or muscle pain.

We have collated, below, some of the best online advice and information sheets to support your health and wellbeing. There are some general resources in addition to condition-specific information.

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This innovative service delivers musculoskeletal health at various sites across Barnet. We work closely with GPs and hospital services to offer our patients a seamless pathway of care and provide:

  • Urgent physiotherapy for those whose conditions may threaten their long term health and wellbeing
  • Virtual appointments either via telephone or video consultation
  • On the spot interpreting service with over 100 languages to cater for our diverse local population
  • Pelvic health for women and men
  • Advice and exercises for children aged 3 upwards
  • Classes and webinars for a range of conditions including:
    • Low back pain
    • Quadrant Classes for neck & shoulder problems
    • Pain Class for arthritic knees and hips
    • Lower limb classes for other hip/knee/foot/ankle disorders
    • General exercise classes
  • Closely working with the specialist MSK team should further assessment and interventions be indicated

The specialist MSK team comprises:

  • Advanced practitioner physiotherapists who specialise in  upper and lower limb and spine 
  • Consultant physiotherapists

What we do

  • Musculoskeletal patients for whom conservative management has not worked
  • Assessment of complex musculoskeletal problems
  • Patients that may be suitable for peripheral soft tissue or joint steroid injections
  • Screening of patients who may need secondary care intervention.

How we do it

  • Expert musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis and management planning
  • Assessment for suitability and delivery of soft tissue and joint steroid injections
  • Direct referral for investigations (MRI, US, Xray, EMG/ NCS, bloods)
  • Streamlined onward referral into secondary care if necessary
  • Referral to MSK Physiotherapy and Podiatry
  • Self-management advice, reassurance

How to prepare for your appointment

Musculoskeletal Decision Support Tools | Versus Arthritis

Who can refer 

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Carers
  • Patients can self-refer


Our services sees patients registered with a Barnet GP or residing in the borough of Barnet and with a musculoskeletal condition.

For more information about the Musculoskeletal Service (MSK) and the Integrated Community Musculoskeletal Service (ICMSK) please see the following:

Some muscle, nerve, joint and bone pain needs to be seen by a specialist such as a rheumatologist or nerve pain specialist and you may need to consult with your GP to discuss this. Fracture/broken bone, cancer or infections are also seen by other specialists.

How to self-refer

Carers/Patients: By conducting a self-triage assessment for yourself or on behalf of someone whom you wish to refer. Providing you meet the criteria for self-referral you will be able to access the service directly. Please follow the guidance in the self-referral pre-referral checklist.

Self-Referral Form 

Please proceed to complete a referral form if the checklist prompts you to do so.

If you are unable to complete a self-referral form digitally by yourself or with support at home, you can contact the Single Point of Access (SPA) via telephone who will be able to provide you with administrative support to do so. You can do this by contacting the SPA number provided below. 

PLEASE NOTE SPA will NOT be able to provide clinical guidance. If you require clinical support or guidance please contact your GP in the first instance.

Contact information 

Single Point of Access Email: 
Single Point of Access Tel: 0208 732 6328

Therapies Department, Edgware Community Hospital

  • Address: Burnt Oak Broadway, HA8 0AD
  • Opening times:
    • Monday to Tuesday: 8am to 8pm
    • Wednesday to Thursday: 8am to 5:30pm
    • Friday: 8am to 4.30pm
    • Saturday (Every other week): 9am to 1pm

Therapies Department, Finchley Memorial Hospital

  • Address: Finchley Memorial Hospital, Granville Road, London, N12 0JE
  • Opening times:
    • Monday to Tuesday: 8am to 8pm
    • Wednesday to Thursday: 8am to 5.30pm
    • Friday: 8am to 4.30pm
    • Saturday (Every other week): 9am to 1pm

East Barnet Health Centre

  • Address: 149 East Barnet Rd, London, EN4 8QZ
  • Opening times: 8am to 5.30pm (Wednesdays only)
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