Thiviya’s volunteering story

Thiviya Sivakanthan is a volunteer here and and currently still studying at school. Talking about her volunteering experience she said, “I volunteer in a care home and special needs school as well, but the experience of volunteering in Edgware hospital is very different but just as rewarding. I am hoping to study medicine in the future and become a doctor. In fact, volunteering at the hospital really confirmed that this is what I want to do.”

“On my very first day, I served dinner to all the patients; I began talking to a lovely lady who was just delighted to have someone to talk to and opened up to me about her family and her life. She was just so grateful that I had kept her company for less than half an hour and the happiness that it brought to her is something I will never forget. I volunteer on Fridays and come straight after school to volunteer for two hours.

“I would tell anyone considering a volunteering role to go for it because whilst there will be some challenges, the experience is extremely rewarding and is something I look forward to every week. I have developed a beautiful relationship with some of the patients and have learnt to be patient and compassionate in different scenarios.”

Whether it is a people facing role or helping behind the scenes, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer, meet new people, and learn something new along the way. Find out more about the volunteering opportunities available here.