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Infant feeding in Brent

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Welcome to Brent infant feeding support service

We offer breastfeeding and infant feeding support in Brent. Our Health Visitors and Breastfeeding Peer Support Workers are trained under the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative, to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and evidence-based advice to help support you with your breastfeeding journey. This includes building close and loving relationships, responsive breastfeeding, safe bottle feeding and introduction of solid foods.

We also support parents who are formula-feeding their babies by providing information on choosing milks, and making up feeds and helping them to feed safely and responsively.

We are currently also running a specialist clinic which is ran by a lactation consultant once a week, who specialises in complex feeding concerns.

Please see details below to book a 1:1 appointment with the team.

Our breastfeeding support service is available for all families that live in Brent. We provide support and information to families following the birth of your baby. You are very welcome to contact us to book in for one-to-one breastfeeding support tailored to your needs.

1) Please speak to your health visitor or health care professional if you are struggling to feed your baby.

2) Please self-refer into our team email which is checked on a daily basis We are happy to book you in and support you with your concerns or queries.

3) You can call our single point access (SPA) service number on 0208 102 4900 

4) Health care professionals can email for our referral forms.

Currently appointment only clinic

Call single point access: 0208 102 4900 

Speak to you health care provider. Email to book:


Alperton Family Wellbeing Centre (Afternoon)

Alperton Community School, Ealing Road, Wembley HA0 4PW


Granville Plus Family Welbeing centre (Morning)


Specialist clinic with Lactation consultant at Sudbury Primary care Centre (appointment only)

80 Granville Road, London NW6 5RA


Vale Farm Watford Road Wembley HA0 3HG


Virtual session (upon request)



 Sudbury Primary Centre for health care (full day)

Vale Farm Watford Road Wembley HA0 3HG


St Raphael’s Family wellbeing center (full day)

Rainsborough Close, St Raphael's Estate, London, NW10 0TS

Health visitor will see you at home within 30 days of returning home, all breastfeeding support is currently based in local family wellbeing centres. Please contact our service with the information provided above if you would need a home visit.

There are Well Baby Clinics and Breastfeeding Support Groups local to you and running throughout the week.

Please come along to our Introduction to solids sessions.

You can call our single point access (SPA) service number on 0208 102 4900 or email if you would like to book onto these sessions.

For health reasons, we recommend that babies are fed solely on breast milk or infant formula for the first six months.

Here are some helpful resources to support you and your baby with introduction to solid foods :

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