Ivy - Tissue Viability Nurse

Image of Ivy"I am an international nurse from the Philippines. I moved to the UK in January 2017. CLCH were great supporting me settle in the UK.  I have friends from other trusts and we compared our experiences of joining our respective organisations; I am truly happy and grateful for the support I received from CLCH. 

"My first role was as a community staff nurse at Heath at the Stowe. My line manager was absolutely fantastic; she gave me a really good orientation not just about the trust, but my role as a community nurse and what to expect in the community setting in the UK. I was given opportunities to shadow other nurses when doing home visits such as administering insulin and wound management. I always knew that if I had an issue or question I can call my manager or my colleagues any time which gives me assurance that I belong in a good and reliable team.

"I have an interest in tissue viability and subsequently took on a bank role with the tissue viability service.  This opportunity led me to being appointed to a band 6 tissue viability role.

"My annual appraisal gave me the confidence to talk about my aims and objectives and what I would like to do for my personal and professional development.  As part of my development I was keen to improve my leadership and mentoring skills. I have now commenced a mentorship course and CLCH has provided me with financial support for this course. 

"The support I get from CLCH and my manager are fundamental in developing and honing my skills with the right attitude and knowledge, teaching me to always strive for excellence at the same time putting my patient’s best interests first in everything I do.

"I have various career opportunities to face in the future and I am more than confident I can achieve this with CLCH, whom I can count on as an pro-active and career-driven organisation. I thank CLCH and its staff in general for the continuing trust and support in professional growth and development."