March 2016 responses

Freedom of Information responses

Community Nurses & Lone Worker Information (FOI/2016/025) - Number of community Nurses, Lone worker information and policy

Nurse use of IV Drips to administer medication (FOI/2016/026)

Board Members (FOI/2016/029) - Information regarding board members and executive directors

Complaints & PALS department (FOI/2016/031) - Information regarding staff numbers and the work carried out in these departments

Trust Courier provisions (FOI/2016/032) - Details regarding the Trusts Courier providers and details of this service

Diseases of the eye and treatment options (FOI/2016/033) - Total number of patients treated with eye diseases and treatment options

Multiple Sclerosis (FOI/2016/034) - Information regarding the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients

Occupational health software (FOI/2016/035) - Details regarding the software used

Locum Junior Doctors (FOI/2016/036) - Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust does not employ any Junior Doctors

Trust Wi-Fi provider (FOI/2016/037) - Information regarding the provider and details of the service

Agency Nurses (FOI/2016/038) - Number of agency Nurses, amount spent, number of nurse vacancies

Sleep Positioning Systems (FOI/2016/039)

Community Dental Services (FOI/2016/040) - Details regarding the community dental service provided by Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Drug Addiction Babies (FOI/2016/041) - Number of births with neonatal abstinence syndrome

Pay Banding Appeals (FOI/2016/042) - Number of pay banding appeals for Junior Doctors

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act (FOI/2016/043) - Number of patients and staff reported under the Act

Trust Patient Transport Service (FOI/2016/044) - Details on the patient transport service in the Trust

Junior Doctors Contract (FOI/2016/046) - Information regarding Junior Doctor Contracts

Senior Management (FOI/2016/050) - Caldicott Guardian, CCIOs and CIO details

February 2016 responses

Freedom of Information responses

Nurses and Healthcare Assistants on tier two visas (FOI/2016/011) - Details regarding Nurses and HCA on Tier two visas employed by Central London Community Healthcare

Organisational Structure (FOI/2016/012) - Senior management areas of responsibility

Agency staff (FOI/2016/013) - Information for Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Services Agency staff
Healthcare registration numbers (FOI/2016/014) - Registration of healthcare staff

Newspaper Licensing Agency & Copyright Licensing (FOI/2016/015) - Details of the Trust payment for these

Agency Spend (FOI/2016/016) - Allied Health Professional and Health Science Service agency spend for October 2014 to September 2015

Trusts Carbon Footprint (FOI/2016/017) - Energy consumption

Information Asset Owner Policy / Procedure & Guidance (FOI/2016/018) - Information Asset Owner Policy, SIRO job description, FOI policy

Agency Shifts (FOI/2016/019) - Number of shifts offered and filled

Agency Nursing Spend (FOI/2016/020) - Spend on Agency Nurses for the following financial years: 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16

Never Events (FOI/2016/021) - Details on Never Events in the Trust for 2014/15 and 2015/16

Tattoo removal service (FOI/2016/022) - Central London Community Healthcare does not provide this service

Number of FOI requests (FOI/2016/023) - Number of FOI requests from 1st August 2015 to 31st December 2015 relating to community health

Cerebral Palsy (FOI/2016/027) - Cerebral Palsy services within Central London Community Healthcare

Organisational Structure, Agency spend & Projects (FOI/2016/028) - Organisational chart and details on Agency staff