The Merton Enhanced Home-based Rehabilitation Service helps patients who no longer need hospital care to get back to their usual place of residence, whether that is their own home or a residential care home.

People are likely to be more comfortable, better protected from further illness and have a faster recovery when in a place that is familiar to them. The aim of the service is to keep service users as independent as possible and able to manage day-to-day living and self-care tasks.

The service provides up to three weeks of enhanced rehabilitation care and can accept patients who require up to four care visits a day to their place of residence. The service runs seven days a week and is provided by therapists and rehab workers. Any nursing care needs are provided by the Merton community nursing team.

The service is offered to patients who:

  • No longer need hospital care (we call this ‘fit for discharge’ because they no longer need medical care)
  • Will be safe at home between visits from the Enhanced Home-based Rehabilitation Service team.
  • Are able to participate in assessments and rehabilitation at home, as advised by the Enhanced Home-based Rehabilitation Service

The process for referring to the Enhanced Home-based Rehabilitation Service is through the Merton Single Point of Access and Merton in-reach team. Merton SPA details below:

Phone: 0333 004 7555


Inclusion criteria:

  • Must be registered with a Merton GP and live in Merton
  • Over 18 years old
  • Referral must be from an acute unit for admitted patients only.

 Exclusion criteria:

  • Non-admitted patients
  • Patients with a neurological diagnosis (who are to be referred to our neuro rehabilitation team instead)