West Herts Respiratory team shortlisted for HSJ award

Published: 3rd September 2018

It’s with great pride that we announce that a project delivered by  CLCH’s West Herts Respiratory team in collaboration with  Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group has been shortlisted in this year’s  HSJ awards.  

The initiative, that re-defined an approach to optimise the use of  oxygen for patients with respiratory  illnesses in the home,  is up for the Optimisation of Medicines management category.

Glenda Esmond, Respiratory Nurse Consultant in Herts said; “This has been an extremely rewarding project to work on, where we’ve been able to clearly demonstrate how we’ve improved the lives of patients in our care , so we’re very proud to have  been shortlisted .”

Dr Corina Ciobanu, Clinical Lead for Respiratory Services at Herts Valleys CCG says: “This is a good example of different parts of the health service - including GPs, lead pharmacists from the CCG and community health services - contributing their expertise and working together to develop a thorough and joined up approach that benefits patients in need of home oxygen.”

The next stage is for the team to present their entry to the HSJ awards judging panel in October, with the winners announced at a ceremony in London in November.


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