Wandsworth Community Adult Health Services using EMIS Web

Published: 11th May 2018

At the end of March our Wandsworth Community Adult Health Services (CAHS) migrated to their new clinical record system, EMIS Web. 

The Wandsworth CAHS staff have been working with the CLCH NHS Trust EMIS Project Team and over the last 6 months have defined new working processes to ensure better ways to communicate and document patient care.  This has been carried out with dedicated clinical leadership provided by the CAHS staff and the expert support from EMIS Health.

Medical records for CAHS patients were successfully migrated from the legacy system into EMIS Web and a carefully planned transition between the systems meant that 24/7 healthcare services could continue to be delivered safely with neither disruption nor downtime.

Miss Colette Bitshilualua-Tshiela, Senior Community Nurse, Tudor Lodge Health Centre, CLCH NHS Trust reports ‘the EMIS system gives us a better view of patient past appointments and future appointments. With EMIS, we have better ability to create patient treatment schedules. It gives better view of documents and referrals.’

Mr Matt Hardwick, Director of Operations, South Division, CLCH NHS Trust said: “This demonstrates our continued commitment to providing first class care for the population of Wandsworth.”

CLCH NHS Trust and the Battersea Healthcare Community Interest Company (BHCIC) have been working together to utilise the inter-organisational functionality of EMIS Web.

CLCH NHS Trust is now using electronic discharge summaries via EMIS Web. This ensures that Wandsworth GPs get their discharge documents electronically and all information is stored in the patient record. There will also be a small pilot with four Wandsworth GP Practices for managed referrals. This will enable GP referrals to be sent electronically to the community srvices. More information about these exciting new trials and developments will be made available very soon.

Mr Matthew Taylor, Wandsworth CAHS EMIS Programme Clinical Lead, Physiotherapist, CLCH NHS Trust reports, "The EMIS Web deployment is a fantastic investment into Wandsworth Community Adult Heath Services. When fully implemented it will really help to engage and empower staff in the service they provide. I expect us to be able to prove the hard work and dedication of staff and not least improve the overall standard of care patients receive.”

Mr Andrew Chronias, Chief Information Officer, CLCH Healthcare NHS Trust shared:“We are very proud of the successful delivery of EMIS Web across adult community services in Wandsworth, this will drive the availability of clinical information and the ability to have a shared record with primary care to improve patient care.”  

CLCH NHS Trust wishes to thank the BHCIC, EMIS Health and patients of the Wandsworth CAHS for the support they have received. CLCH NHS Trust and the Wandsworth CAHS look forward to the opportunities that EMIS Web and a shared record will bring to the citizens of Wandsworth.

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