Staff graduate from CLCH's continuous improvement programme

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Published: 25th January 2016
dsc00014_349x262 25th jan 2016.jpgA group of staff from across CLCH's services have completed the latest in the organisation's continuous improvement programmes.
The intensive 10 week course uses a combination of classroom teaching and practical work to provide CLCH staff with the skills and confidence to apply methods to improve services and ultimately help provide better care for patients.
This time, the focus of the programme was on improving working practices between Community Nursing teams and GP practices.
Jo Medhust, Medical Director at CLCH said: "These courses are all part of a wider commitment as a Trust to drive positive patient experience, prevent harm and ensure smart effective care for patients, so it's inspiring to see such dedication and drive from our staff in helping us achieve this."

"I'd like to congratulate everyone who took part."

The next continuous improvement programme is due to take place in May. For furher information, please contact: 

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