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Published: 16th March 2014

'Compassion in Care' event marks International Nurses' Day

Published on: 16 May 2014

50 Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust staff were recognised as 'Compassion in Care' champions at a celebratory event earlier this month as part of our commitment to provide a positive patient experience.

Guest of honour, Jane Cummings who is the Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England (pictured, right) was joined by CLCH chairman, Pam Chesters CBE, chief executive, James Reilly and chief nurse/director of quality governance, Louise Ashley to celebrate the success of the Compassion in Care project - which coincided with International Nurses' Day.

Introducing the day, Louise Ashley spoke about compassion in practice being more about a way of working than just a high-level strategy. "The staff presenting their team projects today will be demonstrating how we are bringing compassion to life in the organisation," added Louise.

The project aims to enact  NHS England's Compassion in Practice Vision and Strategy, as well as promoting staff development in relation to what is known as 'the 6Cs' (care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment).

Twelve different CLCH teams gave presentations showing how they covered specific action areas of the '6Cs'in many diverse health provision services covering schools, nursing homes, prisons and palliative care.

With over 100 health professionals in attendance and nearly five hours of presentations, the Compassion in Care event provided many examples of the excellent work carried out day in day out to put its four corporate values into practice.



The Compassionate Care project is undertaken in partnership with City University and coordinated at CLCH by Hilary Shanahan, Compassion in Care Coordinator.

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