Reflecting on Inter Faith Week at CLCH

Published: 21st November 2023

From 12-19 November, we celebrated Inter Faith Week, fostering understanding and unity among our diverse staff.

Interfaith Week has been a great opportunity to reflect and raise awareness of the valuable contributions of different faith communities to our workplace and society at large.

As Interfaith week draws to a close, we had a chat with Jayne and Yugesh who told us more about their journey with faith.

Jayne Walbridge, Head of Corporate Governance, shared her journey growing up with faith and finding a new family in the church.

Jayne said: “I was christened into the Methodist church as a baby, with both my parents active in their faith – my father, an amazing singer and my mother, a talented musician.   

“My childhood memories of Sunday school with my brother are happy and we looked forward to going every week. Lots of our friends attended and we were a happy gang, in our easter bonnets and Sunday best during the ‘60s. I even recall taking a real lamb to church once!

“Though, like many young adults, I found things I enjoyed more (motorbikes etc) but I have always maintained my faith – believing strongly that God has a plan for your life which is much bigger than anything you can imagine yourself.

“During COVID, I reconsidered my priorities and having moved to a different village towards the end of the pandemic, my partner and I chose to join the local church. This has been life changing and I have met many people and many friends from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. No one judges you; everyone welcomes you and they really are my church family. Attending services provides structure and purpose to the week and there are lots of opportunities to be more involved in the community which we embrace.

“My refreshed Christian journey began in 2022 when I was confirmed – my faith makes me feel safe – I just wish I could sing.”

To close our celebrations, we spoke with Yugesh Wadhwa, School Health Team Leader for Ealing about her faith with the Hare Krishnas.

Yugesh told us: “In my role, I oversee a remarkable team of school nurses. We are dedicated to delivering the Healthy Child Programme 5-19 across 87 secondary and primary schools, catering to a wonderfully diverse school population.

“Devotion to my faith, the Hare Krishnas is an integral part of my life. As a practicing member of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness, I adhere to the values set forth by our founder and spiritual leader, Srila Prabhupada. Central to our beliefs are charity, non-violence, spiritual education, moral thought and action, devotion, and service to God. The highest form of religious expression for us is acknowledging a Supreme Personal God, whom we call Krishna.

“Recognising and respecting the spiritual values of people in other faiths and traditions is fundamental. I understand the importance of collaborative efforts for the benefit and unity of society as a whole, all aimed at the glorification of God.

“My daily life is deeply influenced by my faith, sustained by the daily meditation of the prayer, ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare’. This practice provides me with the strength and ability to confront the challenges in both my professional and personal spheres. The spiritual knowledge acquired enables a greater understanding of life's intricacies, aiding me in working through solutions. It brings a profound sense of peace, contentment, and joy, fostering a feeling of purpose and belonging to the divine, always sheltered and loved.

“An aspect of my faith that I'd like to emphasize is the joyous nature of Hare Krishnas. We are happy people who earnestly wish to share the love and shelter of Krishna with others. This often takes the form of singing, dancing, and chanting Hare Krishna is a way to express and share our spiritual wisdom.

“The Hare Krishnas place great importance on respecting the right to life of all beings, whether human, animal, aquatic, or plant life. We view the environment and natural resources as Krishna's property, recognizing our responsibility to respect and protect them.”


You can read more about Inter Faith Week at CLCH here. We'd like to thank all our staff for sharing their stories and comments, making this week truly special.

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