Quality account priorities 2017/18

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Published: 10th February 2017

Quality and innovation are at the heart of our work at CLCH, helping us deliver services you are happy with and that we can be proud of.

Our new Quality Strategy 2017-2020 `Simply the Best, Every Time' (which can be found here) builds on the success of our earlier strategy and introduces three new quality campaigns to the original three. They are:

  • A Positive Patient Experience
  • Preventing Harm
  • Smart, Effective, Care
  • Modelling the Way
  • Here, Happy, Healthy and Heard
  • Value Added Care

As part of our quality consultation we invite you to suggest further 'outcomes' and 'measures of success' linked to each of these campaigns, which can be found at pages 26-33 ofthe quality strategy.

To contribute your thoughts, follow this link.

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