Nursing Support Workers' Day | Suzanne Rogers

Published: 23rd November 2022

It's Nursing Support Workers' Day and we want to mark the day by thanking all of our healthcare support workers for the incredible job that they do. Today provides an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the invaluable contribution that they make every day like EoLC support worker, Suzanne Rogers. 


Suzanne is part of the End of Life Care (EoLC) team and she has made a significant impact in less than a year. She has embraced the role by being proactive and creative - supporting the needs of the clinicians and those on the EoLC caseload.

Having a HCA was new to the EoLC team but during her time, Suzanne's role has evolved and expanded to include:

  • Cognitive stimulation therapy group facilitator
  • Administrator extrodinaire
  • Facilitiating EoLC follow-up visits and weekly visits to a patient deteriorating with a glioblastoma
  • Supporting with personal care, hairstyling, advanced care planning, funeral planning 

Service user feedback (anonymous):

"You all joined the care situation at a difficult time when X was becoming increasingly disabled and disheartened by the brain tumour. Her lack of ability to look after herself was proving challenging all round for the family who were doing their best, and I think morale was ebbing at a time when X needed a boost. 

It was a massive relief when Suzanne came on the scene. She and X bonded instantly and they quickly became the best of friends. Her natural good humour and positive outlook is so infectious, it’s a tonic of happiness in dark times. X's mental health has had such a boost and the effect is long-lasting.

I’d like to say how professional Suzanne is and how well she combines her work with an energetic and proactive nature which affects us all every day. 

She has become the best thing to happen here in a long time. The family and I are so pleased with everything. Whatever happens in the time ahead, it is to be hoped that Suzanne can remain involved in some way as she has proved to be an inspiration to us all and especially X. 

Thank you to you all on the team. We could not have managed without your help."

Comment from Alberta Harding EoLC CNS:

“Suzanne is an exceptional HCA with a huge amount of varied experience, which she has been able to transfer onto her current role. As an EoLC team we have a very busy and tight schedule and having the administrative support has enabled us to keep up with our KPIs and all things EMIS.

Suzanne is very passionate about her work and goes the extra mile to fill in the gaps to support the EoLC nurses meet the patients needs in a responsive way. She is very competent and committed to her role.” 

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