Nicola Ford, a newly appointed HV at CLCH shares her story for #HVWeek

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Published: 30th September 2016
Nicola Ford is a newly appointed health visitor at CLCH. She shares her story on the final day of #HVWeek.


What inspired you to become a health visitor?
I decided to train as a health visitor in order to provide the continuity of care that is beneficial to families and highly regarded by the families and professionals. It was a natural extension from my previous role as a community midwife. I consider it a privilege to be work closely with families in their home.

What is the best thing about health visiting?
Supporting families during one of the most exciting and challenging times of their lives parenthood! Working in Merton has given me the opportunity to work with a varied demographic.
It is rewarding building relationships with families and having them share their concerns as well as their hopes and expectations.
Being able to provide continuity of care means that I have been able to provide care from the antenatal period through to children attending primary school.
I have loved working closely with vulnerable families and the wider professional network to
influence the outcome for families.

If you had to sum up HV in three words what would they be?

What kind of characteristics do you need to become a Health Visitor - what advice would you give to someone who wants to train?
Professional curiosity. Be assertive - (not rude!) never afraid to ask questions, never afraid to speak up! Child focused - being the eyes and ears as a universal service.
It's a great profession and gives you the ability to be autonomous practitioner and build strong
relationships with clients and other professionals.
It's an intense course, be respectful to families and others, keep asking questions and never stop


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