National Feet Week - 17 to 23 April: Prioritising foot health with podiatrists

Published: 16th April 2024

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If you have a toothache, you visit the dentist; if you have trouble with your vision, you automatically call an optician. But what about your feet? National Feet Week, held annually, encourages everyone to prioritise their foot health.

Many people ignore common foot complaints or even serious pain rather than consult an expert. Podiatrists are equipped to address all kinds of foot conditions and can usually resolve minor issues quickly. Problems with the feet can indicate other health issues, making it crucial to care for our feet  as we do our teeth and eyes.

Use National Feet Week as an opportunity to have your feet checked or to address that persistent issue. After all, your feet take you everywhere you want to go.

"As Podiatrists the care we provide includes surgical management of ingrown toenails , diabetes care in some areas, care in relation to poor circulation (vascular), influencing gait (walking) with exercises, footwear – which is advised (not provided) and aides such as insoles/orthotics where appropriate.

We are passionate about prevention of injury and good foot health starts with good footcare and appropriate footwear choices. During National Feet Week we can all reflect on our footwear choices". Dawn Stewart, Clinical Lead, Podiatry Service, Brent

A patient referred by their GP said:

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"I was experiencing pain in my toe, so I visited my GP, who then referred me to the foot specialist at CLCH. I promptly received an appointment and was seen within a week. I underwent a minor procedure to remove an ingrown toenail. The podiatrist team at CLCH was caring and supportive." Rosztiszlav Popovics

"Our feet carry us through all our journeys! So it is important to prioritise their care and give them the attention that they need. They can then carry on doing their important job - giving us all comfort, wellbeing and overall quality of life now and into our future". Rakhee Shah, Clinical and Operational Lead, Podiatry Services, West Herts.

Here at CLCH, our podiatry teams provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for diseases and conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.

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Click the above image to watch a video featuring three podiatrists at CLCH discussing the role of podiatry and the importance of maintaining foot health.

Our treatments focus on relieving symptoms, improving function, preventing disease, and maintaining independence and well-being.

“Healthy feet are the foundation of an active lifestyle. Our podiatry clinicians at CLCH continue to play a major role in empowering our community and the service users by delivering comprehensive foot care” Mugundhan Parthasarathy, Head of Clinical Services, Specialist Services, South West

Click here to learn more about the podiatry service offered at CLCH.

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