National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Published: 18th March 2024

For National Child Exploitation Awareness Day (18 March), we’re sharing important information on safeguarding children and the roles we all play in helping to prevent exploitation with our staff.

Stop CE, a charity working to stop child exploitation, have launched their ‘think twice, think abuse’ campaign encouraging people to ‘question what you think you know, question what you think and hear’. This campaign asks us to challenge our assumptions and the narratives we tell ourselves, especially when children are involved. We would like to believe that children are safe from exploitation in many environments, but it is never guaranteed, so we all have a responsibility to stay vigilant and take action.

In our society, protecting children is a shared responsibility that extends to every member of our community. Whether our staff are working in a clinical setting, providing support services, or in a corporate role, the safeguarding of children is paramount.

As a Trust, we have several measures in place to ensure that children are safe from exploitation. We provide continuous education and training through mandatory refresher programmes, ensuring that staff are equipped to address safeguarding issues effectively. Our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy sets out the key responsibilities for promoting the welfare of children and young people, and specifies staff roles in relation to children who may be at risk. We have many members of staff who are nominated as first points of contact to raise concerns, and we always urge staff to speak up if something doesn’t look right.

By embracing our collective duty to safeguard children, we create a safer environment where every child can thrive and flourish. Together, let's prioritise the well-being of our youngest members and work towards building a future where they are protected, valued, and supported.


If you need support or have a concern to raise, you can call the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000, 11am–3pm Monday to Friday.


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