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Harrow Ages Weller!

Published: 7th October 2021

The Harrow Health & Care Partnership is made up of eight organisations across the NHS, Council, and voluntary sectors, including Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH). It’s an alliance of organisations, working by consensus, to make integration happen for the citizens of Harrow.

They have secured recurrent funding for a ‘levelling up’ of community services; 49 new posts are being created (and recruiting has started), with more in the voluntary sector. It’s all about Ageing Well – providing community support so people can be looked after at home and come out of hospital faster.

Around £2m is being invested in the Integrated Diabetes Service and District Nurse provision, aimed at older people but open to all over 18 in Harrow.

Our voluntary sector partners will employ people in the Discharge Hub, helping people home earlier with support – this could range from buying some food and turning on the heating to linking discharges patients in with family and friends.

The two staff who work in Care Home Support are made substantive, with the addition of a physio and a podiatrist; a lead nurse is also joining the Cardiac team and another Podiatrist expanding the MSK Service.

Additionally there will be pilot schemes for mental health services; to provide psychological approaches into Diabetes care and providing a Physical Health Nurse for mental health clinics (addressing the mental/physical health gap).

Andy Willis, project lead at CLCH, said: “This really is levelling up for Harrow services; we’re recruiting now and will improve District Nurse provision as well as developing an outstanding diabetes service. The diabetes funding is the final piece to enable the NWL Integrated Diabetes specification to be implemented in Harrow – following acute and primary care investment. This final part was really essential, so that our Ageing Well Services provide what is needed, where it is needed.”

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