Exploring the importance of eating and drinking well

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Published: 18th March 2016
service_user_art4webt_350x289 18th march 2016.jpgAs part of the international Nutrition and Hydration Week, our Pembridge Palliative Care Centre has been promoting and discussing why it is imperative that food and drink provided to patients in different settings delivers the right amount of nutritional needs.

Throughout the week, staff and patients at the day hospice have been learning and sharing good practice around having a balanced diet and discovering the range of foods that can be eaten to ensure that a balanced diet is met.

Patients at the day hospice have been enjoying a range of tasty snacks and new food, including 'Joy Biscuits' which are made with wholemeal flour, honey and spice. As well as these yummy biscuits, those at the centre have also been enjoying fruit and vegetable smoothies, and had fish and salad as a healthy alternative to fish and chips.

As well as sampling new foods, patients at the day hospice have been making 'food art' using items like blueberries and turmeric to create colourful and creative art pieces.

Living a healthier lifestyle can be a good opportunity to eat and drink new and exciting meals, and the week aims to help promote a healthier diet where even small changes can make a big difference.

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, Consultant in Palliative Medicine who has a specialist interest in nutritional medicine and who has been helping to promote the week at the centre, said:

"It's important that those of us in the healthcare setting are providing our patients with food and drink that is nutritional. We need to help them with information, such as recipes and practical advice, such as how to increase their appetite and even, how to cook.

"Nutrition and Hydration week has been a really fun and interactive week at the Pembridge Centre.

"We wanted to highlight that nutrition is everybody's business and everyone needs to be involved in nutritional care, from the nurse, doctor and art teacher to the social worker, manager and chief executive. I hope that we can continue to build on what has been learnt to help promote a healthier future for all."

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