Exercise classes for over 65s help cut falls risk

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Published: 19th April 2016
Our Falls Prevention Service in Merton was the focus of a Guardian Healthcare Network article today - 'Exercise classes for over 65s help cut falls risk'.

The article explores the vital varied work that the Falls Prevention Service do and offer to older people in Merton; the tailored rehabilitation and exercise programmes that are available to patients; and also highlights the importance of the service working with other agencies in providing the best care possible.

Stephanie Bruggemann, service lead in Merton; Sara Ryder Owen, a specialist physiotherapist; and Julia Russell, lead nurse for Merton's community prevention of admissions team, were all quoted in the article.

This is really exciting coverage for the service and showcases the range of skills and disciplines involved in caring for someone who is at the risk of a fall, and how the service help them to remain active and lead independent lives. 

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