eRedbook immunisation data goes live

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Published: 20th May 2016
CLCH's Children's team were at Colville Health centre yesterday for the first live test of immunisation data flowing into eRedbook.
eRedbook is a digital tool which makes it quicker and easier for families to see an accurate, up to date record of their child's health record.
Data can now be moved successfully from a GP record directly into the eRedbook.
Shelley Heffernan, Professional Clinical Lead for Children's Nursing at CLCH said "Our Trust is the first organisation in the country to start using this particular function of eRedbook so this so is a big step forward for the Trust.
"It's a clear demonstration of our commitment to harnessing digital technology to empower parents so they can make positive choices about their child's health and wellbeing.
"Huge congratulations to everyone involved!"
The next development for CLCH and eRedbook is implementing the function for importing two year review data.

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