Electric vehicle charging points go live at CLCH

Published: 9th January 2023


CLCH has installed electric vehicle charging stations across CLCH sites in London and Hertfordshire as part of the Trust’s Green Plan 2020-23 and our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and providing sustainable healthcare to communities we serve.

This follows the implementation of an e-bike pilot scheme for staff and services that is being trialled as part of our commitment to the Trust’s Active Travel Plan.

The charging points are managed by EB Charging Ltd who will provide a support service to CLCH for three years. The installation of the electric vehicle chargers at the sites is meant to complement other charging solutions such as at home and on street. Staff are able to charge their cars at 7kW and 22kW devices depending on the location. The chargers are accessible via the EB GO app which is available to download for free for Apple devices on the app store and Android devices on Google Play.

The Estates and Facilities managers have been crucial in arranging access on site for contractors allowing work to be completed promptly. Charles Everard (Project Manager) in Capita and Salwah Koriya (Trust Estate Project Manager) have been working closely with the EB Charging Ltd project delivery team to execute the works and make strategic decisions.

The Trust is looking to install more electric vehicle charging points and add more electric vehicles to its fleet in the future.

Candice Atando, a district nurse student in Westminster recently charged her car at World's End Health Centre said: “The charging process via the EB GO app was really straightforward. I charged for 4hrs and 45mins. This took me from 23% to 76% and charged me £10.37 which is fantastic!”.

Tom Wright, Director of Sustainability at CLCH said: “As a Trust, we recognise the magnitude of the climate emergency and the impact it will have on our service users, patients, employees, and local community. We will continue integrating sustainability into every aspect of our work in order to reduce our carbon emissions, air pollution and waste."

Alex Calnan, EB Charging Managing Director commented: “We applaud CLCH’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality across the estate and we’re really excited to be working with them as their partner.

“We look forward to providing further support to the Trust as it grows its EV charging infrastructure which will encourage wider EV ownership and result in a cleaner, healthier air for all.”




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