Delivering a happy and relaxed haven for mothers in Brent

Published: 9th December 2019


CLCH's health visiting service in Brent is delighted to have been accredited with the Stage 3 UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative  (BFI) award in October 2019. The team aims to continue their collaborative work with Brent community stakeholders and work towards achieving the UNICEF BFI Sustainability award by late 2020 and gold by 2021. 


Amalia BouchInfant Feedling Lead; Brent Health Visiting and Children Centre Service, said: 

"In the past three years, project managing UNICEF BFI stage one to three has been a highly rewarding experience. It has allowed us as a service to work toward achieving high rates of breastfeeding as well as sustaining these rates by supporting parents in our community. 

We as a community aim to continually deliver a happy and relaxed haven for women to feed their babies as safely as possible, but also aim to provide evidence based information around infant nutrition while allowing parents to make an informed choice. 

Our participation and connection in the Baby Friendly Initiative has reinforced our determination to care for our mothers who wish to breastfeed. The ongoing training that health professionals and members of staff partake in, facilitates them in providing continually engage with mothers in a positive and skillful way, so we can continue to be sustained in our efforts to improve and maintain high breastfeeding rates.


Charlie SheldonCLCH Chief Nurse and Baby Friendly Initiative guardian, said: 

" I would like to extend my thanks to the team in Brent for their achievement of stage three accreditation and their continued efforts to provide the best care and advice they can to children and their families"


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