Community-based specialist palliative care review: Interim engagement outcome report June 2022

Published: 23rd June 2022

Following a widespread engagement exercise where North West London residents shared their views on what is important to them about community-based specialist palliative care for adults, the North West London Integrated Care System have published an interim engagement outcome report.

The report contains all the feedback from local residents and those who have first-hand experience of palliative and end of life care received in North West London.

The feedback will be used by a model of care working group, which will be responsible for designing, planning and mobilising the future model of care for adult community-based specialist palliative care.

CLCH continues to work with its partners to support the development of services to ensure that are clinically to a high standard but also meet the needs of patients and their families.

Further information on the report can be found at

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