CLCH staff keeping Grenfell in their hearts

Published: 19th June 2019

Hundreds of staff at Central London Community Healthcare Trust (CLCH) will be able to keep ‘Grenfell in their Hearts’ following the second anniversary of the tragic fire on 14 June.

Grenfell green heart badge

Two CLCH trade unions, Unite and Unison, purchased 200 special badges produced by Grenfell Speaks, a local community action group. The ‘green heart’ design incorporates 72 gold stars, one for the memory of each victim.

They are being offered free of charge to all Unite and Unison members working for CLCH who would like one.

Staff at Colville Health Centre, close to Grenfell Tower, came up with the idea of marking the day with a display of ‘forever in our heart’ posters.

Poster at Colville Health Centre

“Given our geographical location and because we worked with families who lived in Grenfell, some of whom sadly lost their lives, we wanted CLCH to show their solidarity and care for the local community by marking the anniversary,” said Liz Lowton, speech and language therapist lead for Kensington and Chelsea.

Grenfell Speaks aims to keep the memory alive by giving the local community an online platform about positive change for the future through collaboration, content and storytelling.

“We produced the green heart badge as a symbol of remembrance and support,” said Faisal Metalsi, from Grenfell Speaks.

“This green heart has become the enduring symbol of Grenfell and is displayed on the covering of the tower for all to see. A new badge is produced each year to ensure that those who were lost are never forgotten.”

Grenfell Tower, dawn 14 June 2019

CLCH Unite and Unison members wishing to collect a Grenfell green heart badge should contact their local workplace representative.


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