CLCH sees surge in applications for innovative AHP return to practice programme

Published: 31st January 2024

 Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH) has captured the interest of former allied health professionals (AHPs), who have left practice following a career break or career change, with a pioneering programme to equip them with the skills and knowledge to return to the register and they get paid for it.

The innovative approach, which enabled staff to be paid as a band 4 therapy assistant for the duration of their supervised practice, attracted applications from over 50 former allied health professionals. Returnees are also offered £800 from NHS England to support with childcare, study, and travel costs.

Of those applicants, eight candidates were offered the opportunity. Following the completion of the programme and their return to the Health Care Professions Council register, CLCH will support them on a development pathway to a role at the same level to what they were in before they left practice, giving them a comprehensive support package including enhanced preceptorship.

Patsy Fung, Chief Allied Health Professional at CLCH said: “I would strongly encourage all organisations to explore this avenue for recruitment and retention. The AHP return to practice programme has been a phenomenal success for us. Our patients will be the immediate beneficiaries of the wealth of experience that our returnees bring to the role.”

Applications to return to practice in the allied health professions in Hertfordshire remain open. Find out more and apply online:!/job/v5977866 

Find out more about the return to practice programme in this video from NHS England, featuring Chief Allied Health Professional, Patsy Fung: 

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