CLCH launches eRedbook across Wandsworth, Richmond and Merton

Published: 23rd July 2019

The eRedbook offers parents evidence based information tailored to their child's ag and allows them to securely store photos and record developmental milestones which can be shared with loved ones anywhere in the world.

But more than that eRedbook offers parents access to their child's health records digitally, meaning they have access to them wherever they go, can share them with other key care givers, can't lose or damage them and can keep track of all their children's health needs from one app.

Parents can see:

  • New birth notification
  • New born infant physical examination
  • New born hearing test
  • New born blood spot screening (NBBS)
  • Breastfeeding status at birth
  • Family relationships at birth
  • Neonatal BCG
  • Hep B at birth
  • Vaccination records from the GP


Janet Lewis, Director of Children’s services at CLCH said; “Using digital technology to improve the care we provide our families is something we’re committed to at  CLCH.

"With the introduction  of eRedbook, parents can have more control and greater understanding of their  child's health and wellbeing.“

“We hope to roll out eRedbook across all the boroughs that CLCH delivers health visiting  by the end of the year.

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