CLCH celebrates its health visitors for #HVWeek

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Published: 26th September 2016
This week, CLCH is supporting CPHVA for #HVWeek, which is dedicated to celebrating the health visiting profession across the country. We've been chatting to our health visitors, asking what they love about the job and what motivates them day-to-day.
Laura Young, Health Visitor, Merton

What inspired you to become a health visitor?
Everything I have done before (Neonatal nursing, paediatric nursing, complimentary therapist, school nurse) contributed to my decision to train and work as a health visitor.
Also, an appreciation of the value of my previous nursing and life experiences and the difference this can make when working with families in the community.

What is the best thing about health visiting?

The opportunities it presents to utilise all my skills and experience for the benefit of the families I am working with. I enjoy my involvement: supporting, contributing, sign-posting, explaining, directing, encouraging, empowering, valuing and teaching-amongst others!

Describe your average day
No day is the same and I welcome the freedom and opportunity this provides for me to utilise my time most effectively. Thanks to the ability to work remotely, wherever I may be I can begin by checking emails and messages to review my priorities for the day, and these may well change. I can visit clients directly at times that may suit them best whilst still being in touch with colleagues. I do anything from home visits, meetings in schools, at hospitals and the council. Sometimes my work is more office based when I'm writing up notes, letters and reports. I'm also enjoying contributing at meetings that may shape future services as this is more in line with the in-depth academic training I completed for this role.

If you had to sum up HV in three words what would they be?
An effective difference!

What kind of characteristics do you need to become a Health Visitor - what advice would you give to someone who wants to train?
Mature, organised, observant, warm and friendly, flexible/adaptable, reliable, capable and able to self-direct, effective, persistent ,resourceful and resilient. I would focus on gaining some sound nursing experience prior to training and working as a health visitor in order to confidently bring that with you. Anyone who completes the training has proven themselves well, although I would say it is a lot like passing a driving test. The real learning begins in-post when you are quite literally, driving on your own.

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