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Published: 16th June 2014

Baby Friendly Award by UNICEF in recognition of its “truly inspiring” support for breastfeeding mothers

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH) has been awarded the prestigious Baby Friendly Award by UNICEF in recognition of its "truly inspiring" support for breastfeeding mothers.

"We decided to join forces with UNICEF UK's Baby Friendly Initiative as part of a world-wide movement to increase breastfeeding rates and to improve care for all mothers across Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster" said Beth Menger, service lead.

image.png"Breastfeeding protects babies against a wide range of serious illnesses including gastroenteritis and respiratory infections in infancy as well as asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in later life. We also know that breastfeeding reduces the mother's risk of some cancers - although mums might be more interested in hearing that it is easier, cheaper and simply less hassle than bottle feeding," added Beth.

Presenting the award, Jim Patterson of UNICEF explained that baby friendly accreditation has been a key driver in improving breastfeeding rates around the world and that the CLCH team has achieved something very special with its "truly inspiring" service. The award is given only after a very thorough assessment indicates best practice. He added that the fact that the mothers interviewed as part of the accreditation were so keen to tell UNICEF about how accessible and supportive their health visitors were indicated a great service.

image.pngSpeaking about her experience and the support she received from her health visitor, Kate Taylor, new mother Helen Khan explained: "I knew my health visitor would monitor baby Mia's development but I didn't realise the amount of support I would get from someone who also cared about how I was". With Kate's experience and support, a problem which might have prevented Helen continuing to breastfeed was identified and quickly solved. "Kate's support changed everything for us, and knowing the weekly clinic is there to help with any questions gives me total peace of mind", said Helen.

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