Our healthy weight team is a nurse led service designed to support children aged four to 12 who are very over weight to make healthy life style choices and to achieve/work towards a healthy weight. We encourage a whole family approach.

We also have a role in health promotion in schools.

Children in the borough of Barnet aged from four to 12 years old who are recorded as above 99.6th centile for weight.

We offer one to one appointments with children and their parent/carer who are above the 99.6th centile for weight. The initial assessment involves an in-depth assessment of current life style such as food/drink intake and activity levels.

We educate children and their parent about portion size, food groups, activity levels, label reading, added sugar in foods and healthy choices. The children do quizzes with us so we can ascertain what they already know about healthy lifestyles.

Height, weight and BMI are recorded and plotted on centile charts. During this assessment we are able to create, with the child and parent, three achievable goals for them to work towards.

Children are followed up six weekly for three visits and then have a further follow up at three months. Children are seen for a minimum of four visits. At each follow up, height, weight and BMI are replotted and goals are adapted as appropriate. Children can be referred on to Alive and Kicking (a weight management programme in Barnet) after completion of our care to help them continue towards/maintain a healthy weight.

We also offer the primary schools in Barnet the opportunity to Host coffee mornings for parents. At these we discuss with parents about obesity risk factors, portion sizes, label reading, activity, added sugar, food groups and other healthy lifestyle issues that parents' wish to discuss.

We receive referrals from all children's services, GPs, schools, school nurses, and we also accept self-referrals.

Our main source of referral is from the NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme).

Contact details

Children aged four to 12 years old and that fall above 99.6th centile for weight.

This is a school based/home visiting service.

Service opening times:

  • 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday term time.
  • 9.00am to 5pm Wednesdays and Thursdays school holidays.