Our service provides a seven day service for stroke specialist, multidisciplinary rehabilitation and support in the community for people who suffered a stroke and their family/carers.

Our service aims to make contact with the service user within 24 hours of being home.

GPs, district nurses, social workers or any health or social care professional can refer to this service.


  • Have a confirmed acute stroke diagnosis (by MRI/CT scan or clinically by a consultant).
  • Safe to be discharged home over the 24 hour period (e.g. adequate equipment, cognitive or physical support, and continence needs managed in-between care calls).
  • Barnet GP registered and resident.
  • Patient cognitively able to engage with rehabilitation program and has rehabilitation goals.
  • Able to transfer/mobilise with one person assisting.
  • Patient is medically stable and able to manage nutritional requirements safely at home.


Patient not registered with a Barnet GP, non-Barnet resident, and or medically unstable where patient may require intervention of medical staffing within 24 hours.

  • Office phone: 0845 389 0940
  • Team lead mobile: 07813 883 837
  • Email: icsbarnet@nhs.net

  • Phone: 0845 389 0940 (discuss all referrals with clinical screener to confirm discharge time)
  • Email: icsbarnet@nhs.net referrals (including current medications list)

Download the service’s referral form

Deans Brook House, Edgware Community Hospital

Burnt Oak Broadway, HA8 0AD

Office is open Monday-Friday (8am - 5pm) for enquiries.

  • Stroke survivors who are able to transfer with the assistance of one and with equipment if required, and are no longer than 6 weeks since the stroke occurred.
  • Registered with a GP in Hertfordshire
  • Has identified Rehabilitation Goals
  • Stroke Survivors who are safe to be at home.

Home visits are available (and in-reaching to hospitals if requested).

The early supported stroke discharge service can provide equipment on day of discharge if requested in advance (five days usually).