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Child and Young Person Mental Health

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Growing up is not easy, and sometimes it's hard to cope with whatever life throws at you.  Children and young people's mental health can be impacted by day to day events and they sometimes find it hard to manage their thoughts, feelings and emotions.  These can manifest into some of the below if not talked about with someone close to you or a professional:

  • feel sad or like you do not want to be here any more
  • have problems with your family, friends or at school
  • hurt yourself or want to hurt yourself
  • feel anxious and scared
  • have problems with eating and food
  • have trouble talking or sleeping
  • hear voices or see things
  • feel angry or are struggling to control your behaviour or temper
  • find it hard to concentrate or get on with friends
  • have to check or repeat things, or worry about germs
  • do not like yourself or have low self-confidence

Often young people find it hard to manage their emotions because of what is going on around them.  This can occur from challenges at school with peers, friends or School related events like exams, the dynamics at home with family members or just that life seems to be throwing too much at you at certain times of your life.  All of these can lead to struggles with managing your emotions if you do not talk to a friend, family member, teacher, school nurse or someone you trust. Your family GP can also help so contact them for further advice.

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