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Health and Wellbeing

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As a young person you will likely be becoming for independent in your food choices particularly those away from home. It’s important to have a healthy, varied diet to get all the energy and nutrients you need. 

You see the CLCH recipe resource pack for fun and healthy recipes for you to try (link to resource pack)

You can find lots of helpful information on healthy eating  in these resources.

Healthy Lifestyle video

Staying active is important for keeping you healthy. It’s good to build this into your daily routine as it will help you all with feeling healthy and happy and supports sleep.

Get top tips for helping you to build a healthy lifestyle.

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Physical activity video

Your sleep plays an important part in your brain development and emotional health and wellbeing, plus it helps to make you less susceptible to colds and other minor ailments.

It is common for young people to experience changes in sleep patterns as they reach adolescence and also for there to be the temptation to stay up chatting to friends on social media, but it’s important that you have a regular sleep routine and get enough quality sleep - for someone around 12 years of age you need about 9 hours of sleep and maybe a little extra on a weekend.
Here you can find information on how to improve your sleep and build good sleep informed choices.

The CLCH secondary school staying well at home resource pack provides tips to help with sleep (link to resource pack)

Technology is a big part of everyday lives, and children are spending more time looking at a screen.  

Here is some information about the use of screen time 

Immunisations also known as vaccinations are important for protecting you against serious infectious diseases. Once we have been immunised, our bodies are better able to fight those diseases if we come into contact with them.  

You can learn more about immunisations in these resources

If you do have any more questions, please ask your school nurse

Looking after your teeth helps to protect them from dental decay, you can look after your teeth brushing them twice a day and going to the dentist. 

Everyone develops as an individual with there being no ‘normal’ development. You will go through different stages of emotional development and although there is no ‘normal’ you can learn more about key stages here.

Understanding childhood – includes puberty and adolescence

For more information on Mental Health and local services please see our Introduction to Mental Health Pages

Teenage brain

Positive parenting

Link to mental health pages

Friendships are important to positive social, cognitive and emotional development and are associated with an increased sense of wellbeing. It is common to worry about friendships at school and as you all grow and change these can at times be challenging to navigate.

We have found some helpful resources for you around friendships, relationships and bullying.





Bullying is abuse and can have a significant impact on your emotional health and wellbeing. It may affect yourr school attendance, behaviour and performance at school. 

If you are concerned about bulling you can speak to someone you trust in school and/or your school nurse.

Here are some resources you might find helpful 

Young carers are children and young people under 18 with caring rsponsibilities. This can be rewarding but you also have the right to be looked after. 

You can find out more about what it means to be a young carer and how to access support for you and the person/people you care for

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