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Healthcare services can be confusing....

Our website - CLCH Children's Health Matters is for parents and expectant parents to find information about the services available for children and families in the local area. You will also find helpful resources tailored to your child as they grow and develop.

You can also find out how to contact our staff directly if you have a concern about your child's health.

Health Visiting

Our health visiting teams work with mothers and fathers, their families, and community groups to promote the health and wellbeing of children and reduce inequalities from the antenatal period until your child starts school. 

Health visitors are nurses or midwives who have undertaken additional training in community public health nursing. By helping parents learn and develop the skills required to bring up their children, our health visiting teams help give the new generation the best possible start in life.

You can find details about your local team and how to contact them in the local resources section below.

New and expectant parents

You can find helpful information and resources to support you prepare for your new baby and in those first few months on our New baby and parent resource page.

Your health visiting antenatal contact is your first introduction to the support, advice and services you can access from the health visiting team. You and your baby will have a health visitor until they start school so it's important you know what your local health visiting team offer and how you can contact them. Watch our video here to find out more.

In preparation for the arrival of your new baby you can access our new parent and baby resource pack here

Find your local HV

Children’s centre are places where families with children under 5 years can go to meet other parents in their community.

Each children’s centre is slightly different but you will often find groups and activities, midwife and health visiting appointments, baby clinics, infant feeding support and parenting courses.

Children’s centres are welcoming places where you can go if you need some extra support. They are experts in helping you find the support you need.

You can find your local children’s centre on your local authority website there is a link to this page on the Local resources section of our website.


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