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Staying safe

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However old your child is they need your help to stay safe. Every child is different and as their parents and carers you’ll need to tailor advice to meet their individual needs. This is true for all children and families but if your child has additional needs this can be a bit more complicated.The general advice out there for parents can be tailored to fit your child’s skills and abilities but if you need a bit more support you can ask your child’s occupational or physiotherapist.

You can find links to resources about safety below.

Home safety

Button batteries

Burns and scalds

Water safety

Toy safety

Staying safe away from home

Staying safe online

Accident prevention 

Aerosol safety

Halloween costumes and fancy dress safety

Road safety

Consent for kids

The summer is a wonderful time to enjoy being outside with you child. Children have very delicate skin which burns easily and they are also affected by the heat. Keeping your child cool and protecting their skin is really important as soon as the weather starts getting hot. Here are some helpful resources to help you and your child enjoy the sun while keeping them safe.

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