This page is for patients who have been contacted about taking part in a virtual appointment with our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals using the Bluejeans video conference application (app).  

We provide below an explanation of Bluejeans and a short guide to help you understand how to use BlueJeans for video appointments with our staff. 

The information on this webpage is based  on video conferencing information you will have received by email.

What is BlueJeans?

BlueJeans enables your healthcare professional to provides you with personalised, healthcare video appointments wherever you are, from any smart device or browser. There’s no need for any special equipment. You can access your appointment through your computer’s browser, your tablet or on your mobile with the free BlueJeans app.

Instead of travelling to your appointment or your healthcare worker coming to you, where appropriate, you can have your appointment online with a video call through the secure application BlueJeans. 

What information will I receive about video consultations? 

You will be sent an invitation to join your video appointment by email.  You will also be sent a short step-by-step guide on how to access your video appointment using your mobile device or your computer.    

For your video consultation, there is no need to create an account and no information you enter is stored or recorded.  By joining the video consultation, you are consenting to continue your appointment over video. The member of staff will ask you some questions to confirm your identity.

If you would like someone to attend your virtual appointment with you please introduce them at the start of the call.

What do I need to have a video appointment? 

  • a good connection to the internet.  If you can watch a YouTube clip, you can make a video call
  • a private, well lit area where you will not be disturbed
  • a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • a web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer
  • a web camera, speakers and microphone or headphones with microphone in wire
Accessing your virtual appointment on your mobile devise

Please follow this short guide on how to access your appointment on your smartphone or tablet mobile device.

There is a separate guide on how to access BlueJeans on your computer.

You will receive an email invitation from your service. Please open the email invitation and click on the ‘Join Meeting’ button to access your appointment mobile1.png

The link will either open in your web browser if it supports the Bluejeans application (app) or will prompt you to download the app.

To download the app, look for this icon in the App Store or Google Play, as it applies to you. The app is free and gives the best experience.


If prompted, click the ‘Join a meeting or Event’ button in app


Enter the meeting ID which can be found in your meeting invitation email. Select the ‘App and Video’ option (or as applicable)


At the next screen enter your name and click the green NEXT button


In select preferences, choose microphone on, video on, and click ‘Join Meeting’

Frequently asked questions about virtual appointments

Do I need to download the free BlueJeans App on my mobile phone?

Yes you do. When joining your appointment with your mobile phone, you will need to download the free BlueJeans App for iOS and Android devices. Please note there is no cost associated with this app. You do not need to enter any financial details. You can download the app for your mobile phone here.

Are video appointments secured?

Video calls through BlueJeans are secure. Your privacy is protected as each consultation has its own unique code to ensure privacy and calls are encrypted to provide additional security.

How much internet data will I use?

The video call will use a similar amount of data as Skype® or FaceTime®.

How much does a video call cost?

The video call is free (except for your internet usage).  For smartphone and tablet users, if you can, connect to a home or work Wi-Fi network to avoid using your mobile data allowance.

Will my appointment be recorded?

No, these interactions are not recorded.