Meet our members

Member involvement is important here as it helps us to improve the way we provide health services. As a member of the local community you will have a voice in how our community health services develop in order to meet the needs of you, your family, your friends and your neighbours.

Take a moment to meet some of our members and find out was membership offers them:

Huw's membership story

Member Huw Salisbury tells of his involvement in our 15 Steps Challenge, a project that helps to improve patient experience. Read his story now.

Christine's story

Christine tells us about her experience of being a part of the recruitment panel, and why other members should consider getting involved in similar opportunities. Read Christine’s story from our summer 2016 edition of @CLCH newsletter.

Harry's story

Harry Frost, explains what being a member here is like for him and why more people should get involved. Read Harry’s story from our winter 2015 edition of our @CLCH newsletter.

Anthea's story

Anthea De Barton Watson is a retired health education specialist from Fulham and has been one of our active members since 2012. Here she explains what being a member is like and why it is so important to her. Read Anthea’s story taken from our autumn 2015 edition of our @CLCH newsletter.