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School Engagement and widening participation

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Work experience and E-placements

Please note: All non-medical work experience has been suspended until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic.

Work experience placements at the Trust provide an excellent opportunity to gain insight into professions in the NHS.

They can support career choices, personal development, and help build your knowledge and skill sets.

Clinical placements are in areas where patients are directly receiving healthcare; for example bedded units, healthcare centres and the patients home.

Non-clinical placements include areas such as Human Resources, Patient Engagement, Patient Safety, Education and Training (the Academy), Information Technology, Estates and Facilities.


To be eligible for either of these types of placement you must be in year 10-13 year group and living, or studying, in the Boroughs where CLCH services are delivered.

Are you wanting to gain experience but are struggling to get a physical work experience placement?

The NHS Talent Academy have now launched bespoke e-placements covering various career opportunities within health and care.

The E-Placement will provide you with an insight into your chosen career path through a series of videos, tutorials, quizzes and virtual tours. It will also help to develop a greater understanding of knowledge, skills and behaviours required for your chosen profession.

E-placements now available: (more to follow shortly)

Nursing - an introduction

Occupational Therapy - an introduction

Physiotherapy - an introduction

Dietetics - an introduction

Pharmacy - an introduction

How to access the E-placements

The E-placements are free to access but you will need to register for a free account with the NHS Talent Academy (provided by the Lincolnshire Talent Academy). To register for an account you will need to be over 14 years of age and will need consent from a parent or carer if you are under 18 as part of the registration process.

You only need to register once but you will need to click on apply for each E-placement you wish to complete. Once you have applied a link to the E-placement will be sent to you to complete.

How to book your E-placements place

Please use our step by step guide to help book your E-placement place.

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